Paul Ryan: Devin Nunes’ Source Is A “Whistleblower-Type Person”

As the rush is on to find who dripped Rep. Devin Nunes details about possible security of President Trump’s shift group, House Speaker Paul Ryan is supplying some cover for your home Intelligence Chair, stating that she or he was a “whistle blower-type person.”.

” He had actually informed me that a whistle blower-type person had actually provided him some info that was brand-new that spoke with the last administration and part of this examination,” Ryan stated on “CBS This Morning” Thursday.

” He informed me about it. Didn’t know the material of it. Just understood the nature of it which he was going to inform others,” he included.

There had actually been speculation that Ryan possibly directed Nunes to bring whatever details he discovered to the president. CBS anchor Norah O’Donnell asked Ryan if he did undoubtedly coordinate Nunes’ journey to the White House.

” No, but I informed him to include it to his examination,” Ryan stated. “He was going to inform everyone, I currently understood he was going to go and inform. What Chairman Nunes stated is that he was going to go and notify people about it.”.

Since Ryan had that discussion last Wednesday, Nunes has actually still not offered his findings to other members on the committee. Ryan stated he himself has actually not seen the files.

O’Donnell asked Ryan why a whistle blower would decide to share delicate info with a committee chairman, instead of numerous members of Congress.

” I have no idea the response to that concern,” Ryan reacted. “You are going to need to ask that person.”.